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Small Smiles Lawsuit

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March 13, 2012
OIG/Church Street agreement to not exclude Church Street from Medicaid

March 01, 2012
Jim Moriarty Elected Chairman of The Unsecured Creditors Committee.

February 23, 2012
Texas Dental Association thanks Moriarty for his presentation to their Board of Directors.

December 07, 2011
Taking Profit from the Mouths of Babes: How the combination of tax policy and Wall Street greed results in the systematic bilking of Medicaid and a generation of traumatized children.

July 18, 2011
Cashing in by cashing out (or what's that $10,000,000 jet doing in the driveway?)  

April 07, 2011
Local media report on the lawsuits and unearth small voices that pack a loud punch.

October 12, 2010
Put enough corporations between you and your misdeed, and nobody remembers your name. Except for us.

October 07, 2010
Medicaid reimburses the Small Smiles clinics for every procedure they perform – whether or not that procedure is medically necessary or advisable.

September 09, 2010
Lawyers in Oklahoma have filed a class action lawsuit in Oklahoma against four Small Smiles clinics in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and South Oklahoma City...

February 03, 2010
A disturbing situation has been occurring in Small Smiles dental clinics across the country where young children are being physically restrained and traumatized...

February 02, 2010
Small Smiles dental clinics have been celebrating duplicitous profits for years. Tragically, these profits are made at the expense of young children

February 01, 2010
What happens when drilling for oil investments begin to decline? Apparently, you begin drilling in the mouths of children...

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