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Small Smiles Lawsuit

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Recently filed lawsuits against Small Smiles bring media attention

April 7, 2011

The recent filing of suits on April 4, 2011 on behalf of 20 victims of Small Smiles, 10 in each Onondaga and Schenectady counties, has received a significant amount of attention from the local media in New York. These children and their families are represented jointly by Powers and Santola PC, Hackerman Frankel PC, and Moriarty Leyendecker PC. Several Small Smiles victims have volunteered to speak out about their experience to the media outlets.

As greater awareness is brought to the Small Smiles dental chain and its unethical behavior, we at Moriarty Leyendecker hope that the impact on the dentistry industry is positive. Whether paying out of pocket or by commercial or Medicaid insurance, each and every patient who goes to the dentist deserves the same standard of high quality care.

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