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Mass Action Case Results

National Medical Enterprises

US District Court Judge Joe Kendall leveled his gaze at Peter Alexis. ‘So it was just a massive kickback operation?’  Alexis, a former VP of Psychiatric Institutes of America, a subsidiary of National Medical Enterprises (NME), answered in the affirmative.  ‘Yes, Your Honor.’

‘Were you buying patients?’ Judge Kendall continued.

Again, the same response.  ‘Yes, Your Honor.’ 

Patients like Sherry, who as a young teenager in 1987, was referred to NME’s Brookhaven Psychiatric Pavilion in Dallas for evaluation of a possible chemical imbalance, were among the untold number of children who were put in psychiatric hospitals not because of any medical need, but because NME was bribing doctors to hospitalize kids that had good insurance.  Sherry’s insurance was so good that she spent 422 days locked inside what some insiders described as a “clinical rat hole.”

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Homeowners in the Houston area contacted Moriarty Leyendecker and co-counsel when the “revolutionary” new plumbing in their new homes repeatedly failed. Our investigation quickly determined that the homes contained polybutylene plastic plumbing or the “greatest thing since sliced bread,” as it was marketed to homebuilders. Polybutylene plumbing was said to be more flexible, easier to install and cheaper than traditional materials such as copper.

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Prudential Bache

During its years of litigating against large and powerful opponents, Moriarty Leyendecker has learned that nothing levels the playing field against an organization with deep pockets like teamwork. Working cooperatively side by side with other lawyers and firms has been standard practice for Moriarty Leyendecker for nearly two decades, and has led to unprecedented results for its clients.

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Shamrock/Quail Creek

Sullo & Sullo and Moriarty Leyendecker settled a wrongful death case for $4.5 million, including $1.5 million in attorney's fees and $14,102.10 in expenses. 

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Tenet Healthcare

When 40 FBI agents raided Redding Medical Center (RMC) and the offices of a prominent group of cardiologists and thoracic surgeons. The raid made headlines across the country. And the accusations were devastating to people all over Northern California. The government believed people were being operated on unnecessarily for the sake of profits. Within days, hundreds of people reached out to their primary care doctors and lawyers - all asking the same question.  » Read more

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