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Mass Action Case Results

Shamrock/Quail Creek

Sullo & Sullo and James R Moriarty PC settled a wrongful death case for $4.5 million, including $1.5 million in attorney's fees and $14,102.10 in expenses.

We represented a 36 year old widow, her three children and the estate of her 38 year old husband who was crushed to death when a forklift driver dropped thousands of pounds of oil field pipe on top of him.

Our speed in uncovering crucial facts; providing witness testimony; and compiling information clearly proved not only negligence, but wrongful conduct on the part of the defendant.

Armed with key pieces of evidence, we were able to force the defendants to promptly pay more than five times the amount of economic damages, without requiring our clients to go through the agony of giving testimony about the loss of their loved one.

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