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Olympics Ticket Troubles
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Press Release from James R Moriarty PC

Olympics ticket scams defraud consumers and athlete families, according to the Moriarty Leyendecker law firm. Read more here...

Black Medal awarded to IOC for Ignoring Parents

Because the International Olympic Committee turns its back on parents, others are forced to step up to the plate. Read more here...

Olympic Tickets Sales Wonderland

It is time for the Cheshire Cat of Olympic ticketing to lose its smug smile and for the riddles to be answered. Read more here...

Rules and Regulations Needed for Olympic Ticketing

If a millimeter matters in the construction of Olympic medals, where is the measurement of fairness for the sale of Olympic Tickets? Read more here...

UPDATE: eSeats Complaint Filed

A few days ago we added a story about eSeats filing a complaint v. Action Seating in Georgia. Looks like Bob Bernstein, president of eSeats.com is doing everything he can to repurchase tickets for his customers, or at least to refund them within 30 days. Jim Moriarty has encouraged Bernstein to contact the FBI about this and commends him for the action he is taking to help out the online ticket-purchasers he serviced.


Jet Set Sport Fiddles While Fans of Olympic Athletes Are Burned

As Jet Set Sport plays its Golden Fiddle with its exclusive ticket control, other companies seek out ticketing options that have disastrous results. Read more here...

CoSport: No Hero in Olympic Ticket Distribution

Fair distribution of tickets for Olympic events needs more than a fairy tale to make wishes come true. Read more...

The Taming of the Screw

Once again, an audience of thousands is being scammed out of Olympic Tickets. The Beijing ticket scams have now become the Vancouver ticket scams. Read more...

Hundreds Caught in Olympic Ticket Scam

Ticket resellers who've been hawking 2010 Games tickets online for months are notifying clients in Canada and the U.S. that those tickets don't exist. This scam may be the biggest one yet . . . Read more...

Grandma Traumatized by Olympic Ticket Scam

Elena Hight isn’t little Red Riding Hood. Still, her grandmother, Martha Hight, has fallen prey to the Big Bad Wolf...Olympic ticket scammers. Read more...

International Olympic Committee Profit Score: $383 million profit

Olympian Families are unable to cash in on huge IOC profits. Read more...

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