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Cisco report validates James R Moriarty PC leadership in Beijing Olympics ticket scam investigations

January 18, 2010

Cisco Corporation’s 2008 Annual Security Report has confirmed the efforts of James R Moriarty PC in its investigations into online scams that sold up to $50 million in fake tickets to the Beijing Olympics. The report, which compiles extensive intelligence and illuminates electronic security issues worldwide, declared this to be “one of the most elaborate social engineering Internet scams of 2008.” The most egregious offender,, integrated with social networking sites such as Facebook to virally spread the scam. The site even garnered coverage in MSNBC Forbes Traveler, which resulted in a high search engine ranking.

Jame R Moriarty PC was the first to break the investigations in 2008 and continues to be the leading firm on the case internationally. Efforts are ongoing to help innocent Olympics fans worldwide who have been cheated. Some individuals paid thousands of dollars for high-demand tickets, such as to the opening ceremonies. Furthermore, all those who fell prey to the scams had their credit card numbers stolen, which the offenders can use for further criminal activity. James R Moriarty urges all those who believe they may have been victimized by this crime to contact the firm.

Cisco's Report (PDF 4.3MB)
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