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Children's Dental Group of Anaheim


Was your child hospitalized by Children's Dental Group?


Our hearts are breaking for the children of California.  

By the thousands, little ones between the ages of three and nine, were taken by their well-meaning parents and grandparents on a simple trip to the dentist. Instead, they became horrible victims of neglect, infected by bacteria infested water used during dental surgery. 

What is unfolding at the Children’s Dental Group of Anaheim, California should send alarm bells all across the country. It is abuse. It is over treatment. We know. We have spent our career exposing it. 

Little Mimi Morales went for a routine dental care. Today, part of her jaw and teeth are gone, but the story doesn’t end with the Mycobacterium abscessus that sent her to the hospital. Dozens more children have been hospitalized. 

It is a symptom of bad dentists across the country who are more interested in greed, than the well- being of children. 

The Children’s Dental Group of Anaheim said Mimi needed a baby root canal. From what we are learning, that is what they tell a lot of children. More than 800 children had baby root canals at the clinic this summer. That’s a stat that tells you children are being over treated. Over treated because the clinic makes more money on these bigger procedures. Many of the children are Hispanic, whose parents rely on government medical assistance. 

The lawyers at Law Offices of James R. Moriarty know the horrors of corporate assembly line dentistry, the financial game that has enriched some businessmen at the expense of children. 

Across the country children are dying from dental abuse and overtreatment. 

Here in Houston, the story of Neveah Hall has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on social media. 

Four-year old Neveah will never function normally again, severely brain damaged after a visit to the dentist. 

Her parents trusted the dentist too, even when they were locked out of the procedure room. Neveah was restrained and anesthetized. When the anesthesia was administered improperly Neveah’s oxygen level plummeted. The dentist waited more than four hours to call 911. 

Online you can hear CEO’s of these dental chains often brag about how many procedures they do. It is not about helping these kids. It is about ringing the cash register! 

It is why no one properly cleaned the dental water in California. It is why no one had the proper training in Houston. It is why children are being hurt and dying all across America. 

The lawyers at Law Offices of James R. Moriarty have fought the biggest dental corporations in America on behalf of children. 

Over treatment, abuse, even brain damage. 

If a bad dentist or dental chain has made you a victim, please let us know how we can help bring you justice.

Understanding Children’s Dental Group Victims’ Rights: Myobacterial Infection

My Child was Mistreated by a Dentist, What Do I Do?

1. Get Emergency Help Immediately.

The infections caused at Children’s Dental Group are very serious. If your child had a pulpotomy (“baby root canal”) at Children’s Dental Group since March 2016, seek medical help immediately.

Forty-eight children have already been hospitalized with serious consequences, including jaw removal, teeth removal and serious medication. The sooner you get help, the better you can prevent the spread of this dangerous infection.

You can also stay updated about what is going on with other victims of Children’s Dental Group at OC Health Info.

2. Find a Lawyer with the Right Experience.

The right lawyer will make pursuing legal action comfortable and easy for you. The most important thing you can do to be fairly compensated is to find a lawyer with experience in helping others just like you.

Lawyer Jim Moriarty has spent his career seeking justice for people who have been mistreated by careless dentists. He understands the complexities of the legal system and will build a case that is right for you.

You can read about his work helping victims of another negligent dental group here.

To learn more about how Jim Moriarty can help you, call 713.597.2791 or you can message him at moriarty.com.

To protect yourself and your family, seek legal help immediately.

3. Document Everything.

It is very important that you keep track of all your records. First, locate all relevant medical documents:

  • dental and medical records
  • bills from the dentist or from other relevant medical needs
  • any paperwork you receive from medical professionals

You can contact your dentist or doctor to request records. If you saw another dentist for a second opinion or have hospital bills, keep track of that information, too.

You should also document your child’s progress. Write down your child’s condition, any of their complaints and dates of when you first started seeing signs of the infection. Take pictures of any physical evidence of the consequences of the dentist’s work or office.

If you do not have all these records, do not worry. Your lawyer will help you to document everything that you need.

Get Help Now

There is no reason for you to do this alone. Professionals who care are ready to help you.

Call the Law Offices of James R. Moriarty at 713.597.2791 today.

The Real Cost of Children’s Dental Group Dental Malpractice

50+ Children Hospitalized, Mycobacterium Abscessus

Heartbreaking news recently surfaced about dentists’ negligence that sent 50+ children to the hospital, some with lifelong consequences. The water systems at Children’s Dental Group carried infectious bacteria, which could affect 500+ young patients.

Children Affected by Mycobacterium Abscessus

Patients at Children’s Dental Group in Anaheim became victims of dentists driven to over-prescribe procedures at the cost of their patients’ health. Children who came in for routine check-ups underwent pulpotomies or “baby root canals” that led to dangerous infections.

Children affected by the bacteria had painful infections take hold of their teeth and jaw. Dr. Eric Handler of the Orange County Health Authority said, "The reason we're so concerned is this infection is very hard to treat with antibiotics. [The tissue is surgically removed.] Treatment can be very traumatic and deforming."

One child specifically, Mimi Morales, underwent partial jaw removal after being infected at Children’s Dental Group. Consequently, she must take powerful antibiotics that can have lifelong effects like loss of hearing.

Nairi, a four-year-old girl, has had extensive issues after visiting Children’s Dental Group. What started as a routine exam left Nairi with a baby root canal, which soon became infected. She returned to the dentist with a swollen jaw. The dentist pulled more teeth and gave her more antibiotics. With no improvement, her parents went to another dentist for a second opinion. He advised them to take her to the emergency room immediately. After a painful surgery, she is now on an IV for antibiotics, which may continue for two months.

For children, the pain does not stop at physical trauma alone. These young patients hold onto their memories of hurt, leading to more lasting mental trauma for those exposed to such painful experiences.

Families Affected by Dental Malpractice

These children do not bear their burdens alone. Victims’ families are doing all they can to comfort and protect their children. Many parents are asking how this happened and feel that they were taken advantage of. One parent said, “I feel really angry with these people. They don’t care. They just want to make money.”

All of Us

The truth about tragedies like this is that we are all affected.

We are affected politically and financially by organizations that choose to cheat the system. Children’s Dental Group is not the first to rack up insurance and Medicaid costs knowing they can cash in on unnecessary treatments.

We are affected emotionally when we know that our own families may be at risk. These parents tried to do the right thing for their children, never anticipating the devastating effects of this negligent facility.

What Can You Do Now about Mycobacterium Abscessus?

First, if you or someone you know has been affected by Children’s Dental Group, get professional representation now. Lawyer Jim Moriarty has spent seven years helping dental malpractice victims. You need someone who can help you get fair compensation and protect you from further mistreatment. You need someone who has real experience standing up to illegitimate dentists groups.

For parents looking for a safe option for their children, consider getting first-hand recommendations and researching reviews online. Children’s Dental Group has many negative reviews on Yelp that show these issues are not new. Avoid any dental practices that seem to put money before patients.

For dental offices, take action now to prevent a tragedy. The University of Texas Health Science Center Porteous advises dentists to check water lines at least weekly. About the recent events in Anaheim, she said, "It's very sad, and I hope that it makes all dental institutions sit up and take note."

For more information about Jim Moriarty, please visit www.Moriarty.com or call today at (713) 528-0700.

How a Dental Malpractice Lawyer Will Help You

Have you suffered because your dentist did not provide the right care to you or your child? If so, you need to find a lawyer who can represent and protect you, immediately.

To help you understand what you need to file a dental malpractice claim, here are the basic requirements.

Dental Malpractice Requirements

  1. Existence of a duty, based on your doctor-patient relationship
  2. Breach of the duty — a breach of the standard of care
  3. Damages — physical, emotional or financial injury
  4. Causation — a connection between the failure to meet the standard of care and the injury

Each piece is significant and the right dental malpractice lawyer can help you establish each so you win fair compensation for your damages.

Existence of a Duty

Existence of a duty is based on a basic standard of care as a result of your dentist-patient relationship. The ‘standard of care’ means the standard that a reasonable dentist in the same situation would deliver. Your lawyer will help you establish that you were a patient of the dentist in question and prove the existence of duty.

Breach of Duty

If your dentist fails to provide the appropriate level of care, then you have a foundation for proving Breach of Duty. A failure to achieve your desired results at the dentist does not necessarily qualify as grounds for legal action. The failure to meet the reasonable standard of care is what creates a breach of duty. Your legal counsel for dental malpractice may call in a dental expert to offer testimony describing reasonable standard of care and how the accused dentist failed to provide that care.


Proving damages is an essential piece of your dental malpractice case. You must be able to show that the dentist’s lack of care caused you actual harm. These damages can come in a variety of forms including: physical, financial or personal. Personal damages can be emotional trauma, embarrassment, etc. Legal counsel can help you gather evidence and establish how much compensation you deserve.


Causation is key in winning compensation for your damages. Legal help is especially important for proving exactly how the dentist in question caused your damages. Again, your lawyer can ask a medical expert to give testimony about what steps should be taken and why the steps that were taken caused you harm.

Dental Malpractice Legal Help

The first step in opening a Dental Malpractice case is finding a lawyer with real experience. He will help you prove Duty, Breach, Damages and Causation. Your lawyer will be able to assist you in things like getting an affidavit from a dental professional, getting a ruling with the state board and answering any questions you have.

About Lawyer James Moriarty

James Moriarty has years of experience helping people like you who have been neglected and harmed by dentists. He wants to help you get the right compensation. When you have been taken advantage of, you need to have someone who knows how to protect you. With Moriarty’s experience, you can finally rest at ease knowing he can help you with every piece of your case. Not only will he help you build a powerful case, but he will also manage the complicated legal system. Call today for more information: 1.800.677.7095.

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WATCH:Watch hidden video of child held in restraint device while dentist does treatment. This is a Jacksonville FL Medicaid dentist placing stainless steel caps using no pain killing medicine.

WARNING: Some scenes in this video will be disturbing to watch.

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